Trips & Camping

  1. All drivers must be licensed.
  2. Vehicles must be registered and in a roadworthy condition.
  3. All vehicles attending trips must have approved tow points (front & rear).
  4. Vehicles must be inspected by Trip Leaders prior to commencement of trip.
  5. All vehicles must carry recovery equipment.
  6. All vehicles must be fuelled prior to departure.
  7. All vehicles are driven at the owners risk. It is up to the individual to have adequate off road and camping insurance.
  8. All trips are subject to weather conditions. If a trip is cancelled or details are changed, the trip leader will contact those on the trip sheet the evening before the trip (or as soon as cancellation has been identified). 
  9. The trip leader will advise of the route and all vehicles must follow the convoy procedure.
  10. All members and guests must conduct themselves in a responsible manner.
  11. All camp sites must be left free of rubbish and tidy.
  12. Pets are only permitted on some trips as determined by the trip leader.