To ensure that we all get the most out of our trip the following convoy procedures are to be adhered to.

  1. The trip leader should remind all drivers before moving off the convoy procedure is to be followed;
  2. The convoy is to have a nominated 'Tail End Charlie'. In the event of a breakdown, the 'Tail End Charlie' will wait and organise assistance. The trip leader is to be properly informed of any breakdowns or hold-ups.
  3. When a turn is being made, make sure that the vehicle behind you has noted/acknowledged the correct route.
  4. On difficult tracks, make sure that the vehicle is front has negotiated each obstacle before you proceed. At times it may be necessary to radio and check if it is ok to proceed. Always maintain a visual contact with the following vehicle. (Sometimes dust may obscure you view and it may be necessary to do a radio check).
  5. Fuel tanks must be filled prior to the start of a trip.
  6. Maintain your position in the convoy (except in unavoidable circumstances). When travelling on busy roads, leave room for other vehicles to overtake safely. (Note: Upon the start of a trip the trip leader will do a radio check and ask all attendees to identify their position, vehicle make and name ie: Car 1 - White GU Patrol - Joe Bloggs). Make a note of the vehicle in front and behind of you.
  7. At river and creek crossings, wait until the vehicle ahead is through before proceeding.
  8. Avoid travelling too close to the vehicle in front when ascending and descending steep hills.
  9. Always leave gates and property as they were found. Always keep to formed tracks.
  10. Seat belts should be worn at all times.
  11. Please keep radio conversations short and relevant. In general, use channel 15 UHF for club activities.