This page is been compiled by Queensland 4x4 Club Committee to help our trip leaders with preparing for and leading trips.

Not everything may be covered as we are still putting the information together. If you think something is missing please forward your suggestions throught to your committee via the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1. Plan your trip
  • Trip type ie: day drive / camping / social event
  • Trip Location / Meeting Location
  • Meeting Time / Departure Time
  • Requirements ie: costs, what to bring
2. Check the Trip Calendar for availability
  • the 3rd Sunday of each month (after Club Meeting) is scheduled for  easy to medium drive for visitors to come and try the club
  • just because there is a trip on the date/weekend you would like doesn't mean you can't conduct your trip
  • if you aren't sure check with our Trip Coord
3. Create the event in the Trip Calendar or Submit all information to the Trip Coord to upload trip details to the Trip Calendar

Trip details include:

  • Trip Name / Locations / Meeting Point
  • Date(s) / Times - meeting / departure
  • Costs
  • What to Bring
  • Description and any other information that will entice memebers to join you
4. Carry out a Recce on the trip to make sure there are no unwanted surprises! You will not be short of members who will more than happy to come along on a Recce.

Get the Trip Attendance Sheet from the Trip Coord, you will need a list of who is attending

  • All attendees will need to sign attendance sheet
  • Organise to return the trip attendance sheet to Trip Coord after the trip has been conducted

If you forget the Trip Attendance sheet you will be able to download the Trip Attendance shee to fill out. Contact the Trip Coord to get a list of the names of members / guests who are attending and their details.

(Download Link to come)  or you can use the online Trip Attendance Registration

Up to 6 vehicles incl Trip Leader

Up to 10 vehicles incl Trip Leader

Up to 20 vehicles incl Trip Leader