To add a trip complete the following steps:

Add the Trip Name (Title) and Alias (copy & paste trip name)
Include Trip Name + Month + Year
  Add trip name & location details
Select the Trip Rating ie: Category
include: additional ratings as shown
  3. Include an image (this will be displayed on the Trip Calendar and Trip Details page  

Select the Trip Location

If the trip location is not shown then you will need add the Trip Location to the Calendar database as per 'How to add a Trip Location'

Select Trip Start & End Dates.
Include Meeting time & approximate finish time
If applicable also include the Registration Start Date and Cut off date
  include dates and costs to QLD 4x4 Club Trip
  6. Generally ignore Price as we tend to have caming / vehicle / meal costs so this can be broken down in the description of the trip under a Cost heading.  
  7. Include Price text ie: NIL if no costs or refer to Desc. for camping fees  

Capacity - this is for quantity of vehicles that can attend the trip. 

A waiting list option will be activated incase the trip reaches it's capacity. If anyone removes themselves from a trip the first person on the waiting list will be notified or added (TBC)

  9. Ensure that the Published option is set to YES.  
  10. If for some reason there is a maximum number of people per car add the quantity number here. (otherwise ignore)  


  11. Ignore these fields.   

Add a Short Description

include as shown the following:

Trip Leader: (if unknown add 'TBA')

Meeting Point: Meeting & Departure Times + Location

Brief Descriptio: this will display in the initial Trip Event that displays in 'Upcoming Trips' 

IGNORE the tabs in grey

  Include Trip Description 

Add a Trip Description

Include as shown in the sample:

Trip Description

Costs: a break down of the camping fees / vehicle fees / meal costs etc... for adults and children

What to Bring: include all items to bring ie: usual 4WD gear, lunch, snacks, swimmers etc...

You can add any more images if you like by using the grey Image tab

  14. Ignore   Save your trip
  15. Save your trip  
  16. Go to 'Upcoming Trips' to check on your trip,   
Don't forget to register for your own trip!
Probably only required if vehicle quantity is an issue, but it will be good to get reminders and other trip information.