To add a trip location complete the following steps:

Check to see if the location is already in the club data base. 
To do this you will need to start your Trip Submission and look for the location in the 'Select Location' options.
[Hint open the 'Add a trip to Trip Calendar' option from Members dropdown in a new internet tab so that you can switch between the 2 tabs to ensure you have all information]
  How to add a location to the Trip Event Calendar
  2.  Select 'Add a Trip Location' from the Members > Submit a New Trip Menu  


  3. Complete the Location details    
    Name Name of the Location ie: Gordon Country   Add a Trip Location

Add the complete Street/Road address 
ie: 1847-2081 Inverramsay Rd, Goomburra QLD 4362
(Note you may need to google the address to insert)
You will notice that some Street address options have displayed (in green) select the one you wan to use.
4. Select 'Get Location From Address'
     This will update the Coordinates and display the location on the map
     (refer to next screen capture)
  5. Update the following address fields   Add a Trip Location
    City to the city name ie: Coomburra  
    State to state the location is found ie: Queensland  
    Zip city postcode ie: 4362  
    Country Australia  
  6. Remove the City, State, Postcode from the Address line  
  7. Change 'Published' to Yes  
  8. Save