1. Stop water from pooling on your Gazebo or Camper Awnings

Rain and camping are a way of life in Australia. Our number one use for a Pool Noodle when camping is using it to help prevent water from pooling on gazebos and awnings.

This easy and quick solution will prevent some heartache encountered from water pooling within the gazebo/awning fabric. Most especially the need for a towel to dry off!

Gazebo Rain

 2. Camping and Composting Toilet

Who doesn't love to camp. The one thing we can all rely on is when nature calls the need for some privacy and a seat. While A porta potti is great but sometimes they are not practical. You can create your own 
 portable toilet with a 20L bucket (available at most hardware stores), bin liner and a pool noodle. Easy as that. Optionally you can also have some kitty litter on hand to absorb liquids.
The pool noodle will need to be the type with a hollow centre to make it easy to cut and attach to the bucket.

Composting toilet

3. The old noggin protector

For anyone with an awning that connects to the caravan you have no doubt encountered the pain that goes with hitting your head on the awning arm as you have either forgotten to duck or underestimated the height and angle! 2 poole noodles can prevent headaches and the need for a panadol!  
Head protector


4. And of course the tent/awning guide rope shin protector!

Answer honestly, how many times have you tripped or kicked a tent quide rope and peg? A couple of pool noodles cut to size will solve this age old problem.
Tent rope protector


5. Last but not least entertaining the kids

There are so many uses for pool noodles when it comes to entertaining the kids while camping with the club.

  • Pool Noodle Ring Toss
  • Naughts & Crosses
  • Obstical Course
  • Pool Noodle Bowling Alley
  • Hoops Course
  • Sprinkler

Pool Noodle Ring Toss 


Some honourable mentions for any occassion

  • Awning water drain
  • Card holders
  • Floating beverage barge
  • Luggage rack protector
  • Fishing rod organiser
  • Water raft
  • Car door bumper
  • Paint brush holder